Angling policy


The water surface under control of Mezőlaki Angling Association (hereafter: MAA) is not state property! The National Fishing Policy is valid along this policy.

 Mezőlak, 1st of january, 2017.



  1. The waters preserved by MAA with valid area permission issued by the association (daily, weekly, annual) are the following:

a.)    Turf mine lakes under property of MAA

b.)    Turf mine lakes under property of local government of Mezőlak


  1. Angling is authorized on the lakes under property of MAA with valid area permissions issued by the association with the following restrictions:

-          angling is allowed solely on the lake Nr. I. at the western side from the direction of Marcal river

-          angling is allowed solely on the lake Nr. II. at the eastern side from the direction of lake Nr. III.


  1. The issued area permissions are valid only with state angling ticket, fishing card, and with ID card (in case of being older than 14 years).


  1. Replacement time period of area permissions is the first three months of each year. The catch logs must be submitted until February 28 of next year. Mailing address: 8514 Mezőlak Ady u. 29. E-mail: Ez az e-mail-cím a szpemrobotok elleni védelem alatt áll. Megtekintéséhez engedélyeznie kell a JavaScript használatát.  The acting angling association can issue permissions while submitting logbook beyond the deadline or submitting incorrectly completed logbook but only for double charge of actual price.


  1. Every member of the association bound to do 2 days maintenance service every year in the MAA territory. The members who fail to do so and cannot prove their absence have to pay 50% price of the area permission as exchange.


  1. Those anglers who don’t have membership licence (new members) bound to pay fish deployment fee, the price is determined by the management. (Those who don’t validate their membership considered as new member at the next year.)


  1. Daily ticket fishing is allowed on the lake Nr. III. and lake Nr. IV. of the association.

Daily ticket can be purchased:          Gabó Fishing Shop, Mezőlak, Kossuth u. 68.


  1. Night fishing is not allowed on the lake Nr. I. and lake Nr. II. Fishing is allowed on these lakes from 5 am to 10 pm. Night fishing is allowed by the National Angling Policy on the lake Nr. III. and lake Nr. IV. except for the prohibition period of the carp. During this period boat fishing and boat usage is prohibited! Shore fishing is allowed from 5 am to 12 pm, from 8 pm to 12 pm only predatory fish angling is allowed. In case of night fishing enlighting the fishing area is mandatory.


  1. Boat usage on the lake Nr. I. and lake Nr. II. is prohibited. Boat usage is allowed after announcement to the association on the lake Nr. III. and lake Nr. IV. Annual price of pier is 1000 HUF and boat usage is 1000 HUF, payment is required by 31th of March.


Those who do not pay the fee and have no licence:


-          has to dispatch their boat to the association’s request, if not completed, the association will take out the boat from the water and dispatch it as waste.

-          The coastal pier must be demolished to the association’s request, or it can be offered free of charge to the association, or it is salable to another fishing member.

Both device’s terms of use are ruled by the National Fishing Policy and valid laws. MAA keeps a record about boats and piers. One member can maintain 1 boat-fed fishing stance or 1 pier-fed fishing stance. All boats must be numbered, numbers are given by the association. Every piers must be marked with the name of the owner (max. 2 persons/pier). Boat-fed fishing stance must be numbered with the same as the boat number, which cannot be visited by other members. Fishing from pier is allowed to anyone, however if the pier owner appears with fishing purpose, pier has to be passed to the owner. Boat-fed fishing stance can be maintained at least 50 meters distance from the shore. Among fed places must have at least 35 meters distance.

Using groundbait (max 2 kg) is allowed only in case of fishing. Habituation feeding is prohibited!


  1. Maintain reserved shore-fed fishing stance is prohibited.


  1. Prohibition periods are the same as the National Fishing Policy.


Prohibition periods start at 0 am at first day and completed at 12pm at last day. If the first day is Saturday or rest day, prohibition starts at 0 am on the following workday. If prohibition period’s last day is Saturday or rest day, prohibition is completed on the previous workday.


Exceptions: shall not be retained:

-          tench and golden carp on the lake Nr. I. and lake Nr. II.


On the lake Nr. I. and lake Nr. II. anglers can keep at most 3 pikes above the lenght of 45 cm.

  1. Size limits are the same as the National Fishing Policy.


Exceptions: shall not be retained:

-          pike under the lenght of 45 cm

-          tench under the lenght of 40 cm.

-          any peaceful fish under the lenght of 15 cm, except bait fish (max 10 pieces)


Fishing with lure spinning is prohibited from 1st of February to 30th of April.


  1. Adult angler

-          allowed fishing with 2 fishing rod, with up to 2 hooks per rod

Junior angler

-          allowed fishing with 1 fishing rod, with up to 2 hooks

Child angler

-          allowed fishing with 1 fishing rod, with 1 hook


  1. Available daily amount of fish retained on the association’s lakes:


Adult angler

-          3 sizeable noble fish, 2 of them can be the same species

-          5 kg other fish

Junior angler

-          2 sizeable noble fish, different species

-          4 kg other fish

Child angler

-          1 sizeable noble fish

-          3 kg other fish


It is forbidden to keep fish for place setting!

Carp above the weight of 5 kg must be reinstated!


  1. Estimated time of the autumn fish deployment is from the middle of October to the middle of November every year.


  1. After deployment there is a 2 week prohibition period while fishing is allowed only for predatory fish only from the shore with lure or with brought bait fish! After the autumn carp deployment prohibition period until the end of the year at most 3 carp can be retained weekly.


  1. Those who catch predatory fish above the weight of 10 kg and this event is validated by 2 members of the management will get the next year annual area permission for free of charge.


  1. Adult angler with annual ticket can retain 40 pieces of noble fish, junior angler can retain 20 pieces of noble fish, child angler can retain 10 pieces of noble fish. After reaching the quota fishing is available only by purchasing another annual area permission.


  1.  Usage of the Fishing Logbook is mandatory! The angler has to mark the number of the lake and the water space code in the logbook. The retained noble fish should be written to the book immediately, other fish can be noted at the end of the fishing taking in account the native and foreign category.


  1. Angling is prohibited in MAA waters while being intoxicated.


  1. Bathe is forbidden and life threatening!


  1. Litter is prohibited at the property of MAA! Fishing in littery fishing stance is prohibited! Leaving littery fishing stance is prohibited! The inspector is authorized to order the angler to collect the trash, if the angler denies that, the inspector will note to the logbook, after the second time inspector will take away the angler’s permission.


  1. Usage of fish sonar is prohibited (except the purpose of MAA).


  1. At winter period fishing from ice is the angler’s own responsibility. Winter sport enthusiasts can stay on the ice at their own risk.


  1. Usage of any lifting nets is prohibited (neither to catch bait fish).


  1. Usage of electrical boat engine is allowed.


  1. Parking with vehicles is allowed at the designated parking areas and next to the roads. Parking on the shore is prohibited! Usage of the car lights to enlighten the fishing stance is prohibited! Usage of the car radio loudly is prohibited!


  1. Camping in the designated areas or the shore where it is available is allowed. Camping on the roads in prohibited!


  1. Baited hook can be deployed only with throw. To deploy the hook with boat is allowed only by purchasing special boilie permission.


  1. Lighting fire on the shores of the lake Nr. I and lake Nr. II. is prohibited! Lighting fire is allowed only in the designated camping area while maintaining permanent control, if there is no fire ban on the shores of the lake Nr. III and lake Nr. IV.


  1. On the terrain under property of MAA only shore pier can be built by the rules of MAA.


  1. Dogs in the area must be tied up or being kept on leash.


  1. Every angler must help the work of the inspectors. The photos made by inspectors if it has the time and date (hour and minutes) is evidence. The photos will be accepted by the disciplinary committee as evidence.


  1. Public slandering and insulting of fellow anglers, managers and inspectors is disciplinary offense and entails disqualification from visiting MAA property.


  1. Those who violate rules listed above exclude themselves from further angling and their area permission must be taken away by official on the scene.


  1. Any rule violation followed by the disciplinary committee’s sanctions.


  1. We hereby ask all to read these terms continuously, because ignoring the policy is no excuse.


We wish You to have good time:


Mezőlaki Angling Association


Angling terms for boilie method


Our anglers has the opportunity to angle with boilie method after paying 5000 HUF per year.

(Using boilie as bait is permitted without buying boilie ticket however the following special methods and concessions during boilie method angling – which are basically prohibited by the MAA Angling policy – are permitted only wtih buying the boilie ticket)




  1. Angling with boilie method is permitted with using 2 fishing rod, with up to 1 hook per rod.
  2. Usage of feeding boat, electrical boat engine is allowed.
  3. Usage of boat is allowed by keeping the valid law terms at the anglers own risk. Feeding, playing the hooked fish, deploying the baited hook from boat is allowed without bothering the boat and shore anglers. Deploying the baited hook is allowed up to the distance of 100 meters. The chosen boilie fishing stance cannot bother the boat anglers.
  4. Marking the fed stance is allowed only with dipping buoy until the end of angling.
  5. The fed stance should be designated perpendicular to the shore.
  6. Presence and usage of carp mattress, boilie landing-net, carp-sack, disinfectant is mandatory.
  7. It is forbidden to keep fish for place setting! Boilie method angler cannot retain fish. After scaling, taking photos and disinfecting every fish must be gently reinstated.
  8. Angler must declare about the boilie method usage during the area permission purchase and the boilie method permission is registered into the area permission.
  9. Boilie angling method:

Angling with boilie method has to be written to the Fishing Logbook with the date/time. Changing method is prohibited from 6 pm to 6 am. After finishing the boilie angling method 8 hours should elapse before angling for peaceful fish.

To change the method:

-          Registering the end of the boilie method angling to the Fishing Logbook

-          Collecting the mobile buoys

-          Harboring the boat, or mooring to the coastal pier

-          From this time deploying the hook is prohibited with any method.

  1. Every caught fish should be registered to the Fishing Logbook regardless all fish must be reinstated. The angler who catches the biggest carp with boilie angling method and this event is validated by 1 witness and 1 inspector or 1 member of the management will get the next year annual area permission for free of charge.
  2. The general MAA Angling policy is valid during the boilie angling method off period.
  3. Inspectors randomly check the mandatory registrations and equipment!